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Introducing our law firm

Assisting Self-represented people with preparation of legal forms and documents

Sac Valley

Legal Document


Welcome to Sac Valley Legal Document Preparation. We provide quick, reliable, professional legal document preparation for individuals and couples who are self-represented and not needing legal advice.

From start to finish, we prepare, file and facilitate your legal forms and documents for a fraction of the cost charged by a mediator. We are affordable, friendly and knowledgeable; we handle each legal paperwork with care and integrity.

We conduct business throughout the State of California and we are always available to answer your questions and provide the guidance you need.


Assist with Preparation of Legal Documents

Attorneys can be expensive and when you have

to prepare legal papers, your choices can be


Good News!

Sac Valley Legal Document Preparation

is the people's choice low-cost alternative to preparing

many routine legal documents in California!


Assist with Drafting Medical Directives

We are knowledgeable in

communicating with doctors, nurses, insurance

adjusters and other subject matter experts (SMEs). 

We are not only experienced in documenting,

detailing and writing directives that improves health

outcomes and saves lives, but we ensure that the

relevant documents complies with regulatory, legal

and other guidelines in terms of content,

format and structure.

The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for you.

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How Can We Help You?


Drafting Trusts

A trust is one way to  pass down property and belongings to your loved ones heirs.

A trust also helps you manage how your beneficiaries use their inheritance.


Drafting Wills

What happens after you die? What is going to happen to your family, your car, your house, your bank account and your beloved pet cat?  Your estate planning can be done through a single document - a last will and testament


Filing Court Documents

Why go through the hassles of the courthouse and the court clerk in filing court documents by yourself? How about ensuring that the document complies with court rules on how legal documents should be formatted? 


Preparation of Legal Forms

Your case and most  every case is undoubtedly unique in some ways. When preparing your forms, we ensure the format complies with the rules of the court where your case is pending.


Drafting Power of Attorney

Are you in need of granting authority to another person to make certain decisions on your behalf? Did you know that a durable POA can extend authority to the end of natural life? 

How Can We Help
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