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Drafting Trusts

To avoid probate, a living trust is very useful. We will work closely with you in preparing your living trust package which will include the Trust, a Financial Power of Attorney, and an Advanced Healthcare Directive. The package will also include an emergency contact information list for key providers. We encourage clients to include all relevant information that their loved ones would need in times of unexpected emergencies and unplanned catastrophic life events.

Most trusts typically name the successor as the trustee when a trust is established. You can specify the terms of a trust precisely, controlling when and to whom distributions may be made. You may also for example, set up a revocable trust so that the trust assets remain accessible to you during your lifetime while designating to whom the remaining assets will pass thereafter, even when there are complex situations such as children from more than one marriage.

We will work closely with you to establish a trust, change a trustee and amend the proper documents.

One of the most significant benefits of a trust is avoiding probate. Some types of trusts help you minimize estate taxes or qualify for government benefits

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