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Drafting Medical Directives

Without a carefully crafted medical directive in place, as you age and are unable to make sound decisions, the burden of making your medical decisions will fall on your family members.


Creating a personal directive not only gives you control of your medical wishes but it saves your family from making tough treatment choices on your behalf.

A medical directive may also be used to refer to a document that contains a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney. In addition, different states have varying requirements in what constitutes a medical directive.

We have helped many families with their personal medical directives over the years. We are ready to put that experience to your advantage by planning and drafting your medical treatments in advance in case there comes a time when you are unable to express your personal healthcare wishes.

The terms of your directive are binding once you sign the document. It comes into use when you have been found to be incapable of making your own medical decisions

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