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Drafting Wills

A will is a written document that includes directions for property distribution after a person dies.

Experts generally agree that when it comes to preparing a will that will take effect after you die, a do-it-yourself approach may lead to complicated circumstances that may produce unintended outcomes with devastating consequences.

In trying to prepare a will by yourself, you will likely come across legal terms and glossary that may be confusing to someone without legal knowledge. A mistake may result in a beneficiary getting a larger or smaller portion of your estate than you intended. If you accidentally exclude a person from your will, that person may not get anything after your death. 


Omitting one of your legal heirs in your will on purpose may require the use of additional wording, which we can provide to you. We will take the time to review your list of will beneficiaries and the corresponding shares to make sure your will accurately represents your decisions. Unlike other service providers, we can identify whom your legal heirs are if you are unsure about the state's succession laws, and we will ask in-depth questions to clarify your directions.

A will that is not properly drafted and executed is not acceptable for probate - the legal proceedings used to validate the will and settle your estate

Request a Free Consultation

Get in touch; let us draft your will in consideration of your financial and personal circumstances but most importantly, let us review your will for accuracy and to ensure compliance with state's legal standards especially if you are providing for the guardianship of minor children.

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